How Can I Renew My Bike Insurance Policy ?

If you own a vehicle, you probably know that you are also obligated to buy insurance. In India, driving without a valid insurance policy is akin to driving without a driving license. Both acts are regarded as punishable offences. Even if you have never made a claim against your insurance, it is essential that you keep renewing your insurance policy. Most people are unaware that there are several ways of renewing insurance. In this article, we shall highlight four easy ways in which you can renew your Bike insurance Policy.

Bike Insurance Policy
Bike Insurance Policy

Online Bike Insurance Policy Renewals

Since we are living in the digital age, it is only fitting to begin with online renewals. Today, it is possible to do both; purchase as well as renew your two wheeler insurance online. All you have to do is visit the insurance provider’s website and renew your insurance in a few easy steps. Simply enter your name, contact number, vehicle details and policy number and pay your insurance premium. Insurance premiums can be paid through your debit or credit card or through net banking.

Some websites also allow you to pay through digital wallets in which you can save money through cashback offers. The greatest advantage of online bike insurance renewal is that you can even modify your insurance plan by adding or removing add-on riders. You can also claim your no-claims bonus, if applicable.

Renewal through insurance provider

Another easy way to renew you insurance is to directly visit the nearest office of your insurance provider. A simple Google search can help you find the office closest to your home. The address of the insurance provider is also mentioned on your policy document. If you choose this route for policy renewal, remember to take your bike insurance file along with you.

This can help you have a proper conversation with the insurance company representative, especially with regards to your no-claims bonus. Also, you need to carry the renewal reminder letter sent by the insurance company, photocopies of your driver’s license and bike registration certificate (RC book) along with your cheque book (to pay for the premium) and 2 pass-port size photographs. Carry all original documents for verification purposes.

Renewal through insurance agent

As per Indian laws, an insurance agent is legally allowed to represent only one company at any given time. Insurance agents are skilled at their task and possess in-depth knowledge about the various plans offered by a particular insurance company because they receive extensive training about the products and services offered by that company. Such agents are trained to understand client requirements and provide recommendations based on their requirements. A 2 wheeler insurance agent can help you purchase and renew your insurance plan and can also recommend additional riders on behalf of your insurance provider. Such an individual serves as your link to the insurance company and you can reach out to him even when you have to file a claim.

Renewal through your broker

Like insurance agents, brokers are trained and licensed professionals who can help you purchase and renew your two wheeler insurance policy. However, unlike them, brokers may represent more than one insurance company. An insurance broker is the right fit for you if you wish to compare the various plans offered by different insurance providers. Brokers generally possess in-depth knowledge of various insurance schemes and add-on riders and make suggestions to suit your requirements.

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Final word About Bike Insurance Policy: Whether you choose online 2 wheeler insurance renewal the process or through the insurance company, broker or agent, you must never skip renewing your insurance in order to continue receiving protection and coverage.

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